wireless charging pocket

These pockets are made with elastic material so that one pocket design can hold and position all known smartphone models. It is equipped with a triple coil inductive charging device which will charge all QI enabled smartphones, after these are simply inserted into the pocket.


Bluetooth earphones and earbuds

earphones 1

We have a comprehensive range of the most modern and affordable Bluetooth earphones and earbuds. Most of these models can be branded with the logos of our customers. With these devices, the smart garment become the phone, the talking garment which can accept voice commands, without removing the connected smartphone.

Bluetooth Touch Pads and Smart Buttons

smart buttons

Newly developed waterproof touch pads and smart buttons send commands to the smartphone while it is in the pocket. Change volume, switch songs or induce any other programmable function with the touch of a button.

Smart Glasses

smart glasses

Equip your jackets with smart glasses that always stay fully charged. These are equipped with bone conduction technology which transmit sound to the inner ear through vibration. Other models are even equipped with a camera that can make video clips with the touch of a panel.

Heating elements for pockets and back panels

heating elements

Make jackets, hoodies or trousers that warm the body with back panels, your hands in pocket panels or your lower spine with heated waistbands. We make affordable bespoke solutions including a 3 level control button that has your brand logo. We also develop apps for customers that wish to add a Bluetooth interface to the heating system. In this way the temperature is controlled on the smartphone.

Health monitoring systems


We develop custom-made solutions with sensors that track all vital data of the body. Special apps are developed for the consumer to track pulse, number of steps, and breathing rate throughout the day. Even integrated blood pressure measuring in the sleeve is possible at the touch of a button. We also develop apps for customers that wish to add a Bluetooth interface to the health monitoring system.

GPS Tracking Devices

gps tracking

Small devices are planned which can track the garment or bag anywhere in the world. This is ideal for childrenswear or to prevent loss of high value garments. It is also great for wives to track their faithful husbands at all times.


Almost all newer smartphone models are NFC enabled to allow for contactless payment. We have developed a range of buttons for garments which have an integrated NFC chip and antenna. Simply hold a smartphone to this button and it will initiate any function on the smartphone that it is programmed for. This could be brand videos, care instructions, loyalty bonuses, gift certificates, or about 1 million other things between the brand and the final consumer.


New Power bank designs


From a vast variety of powerbanks we have searched for years, to identify the most suitable models for different garment applications. These models are now part of a range which is fully certified for CE, FCC, RoHS and several additional safety certifications. This makes it easier for our customers to sell their garments with integrated powerbanks, in most countries of the world.

Smart Bracelet

smart bracelet

We carry a bracelet which combines the functions of a smart watch – with all health monitoring capabilities – with a nice surprise. When the phone rings then simply press a button on the bracelet to release the device which is also an earpiece.

Odor Control Products


An unsolved problem in garments since centuries has been the development of odor molecules. This has now finally been addressed. Halfmoon underarm inlays or fusible parches contain activated carbon textiles which have enormous capacity to absorb unwanted odor molecules. These are again released during washing or dry-cleaning which effectively recharges the odor absorbing capabilities, so the inlays or patches stay effective throughout the lifetime of the garment.

Silver Textiles for RFID Blocking


The amazing properties of Silver in textiles have been made a reality with our “Silverguard” range. The most popular application right now is RFID blocking. To protect credit cards from illegal scanners, the clothing industry is reacting with the development of security pockets. Silverguard products are made with metallized Polyamide which makes them beautifully soft and washable.


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