Product Video on the Smart Headwear and Eyewear

Part four of our Product Video Series on Wearable Technologies is now available. In this episode we spend a few minutes describing the product ranges of Smart Head- and Eyewear.

The integration of sound systems in hats, beanies and caps is another example of how ordinary fashion products can be made more functional and exciting. We provide the readymade hats in private label production, or just the sound systems as components, for integration. We work with three types of sound systems. There are wireless speakers, earplugs, and vibration emitters.

The last of the three is completely new. It is based on what is becoming known as “bone conducting technology”. The sound is no longer transmitted through sound waves but through vibration. The hat creates a direct contact of a vibration emitter to the upper cheekbone, resulting in crystal clear sound – without the use of earplugs. For customers this is a totally new experience, as they hear music or a phone call, while also still hearing their surroundings.

This new technology is also featured in our range of sunglasses, along with other functions, including an integrated camera for pictures and videos.

When you have some time, we invite you to explore the details of these new innovations.

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