Proudly announces the development of the KC Power Belt

We are very excited to announce the successful development of the “KC Powerbelt”.

Since almost six years, we have been developing new ways in which consumers can re-charge smartphones “on the go”, inside garments or with innovative accessories like wallets, notebook covers and handbags. This whole time we had the goal of also developing a belt which is a power source, but this was never possible. Last year we began working with flexible lithium batteries and this was the breakthrough we needed. We produced these thin and flexible lithium cells in long strips and began working on the development of a belt buckle that would house the energy management system, an indicator light and Type-C input/output port.

Our work is now completed. The length of this elegant leather belt provides a capacity of 2000 mAh, enough to fully recharge a medium sized smartphone, while conveniently placed in pants pockets.

All required testing has been extremely successful. We found that the KC Powerbelt is far superior in safety compared to ordinary powerbanks, because there is no solid housing which can put pressure on the lithium cells.

We are now ready to provide the clothing industry with the customized production of this new product.

Please have a look at this video of the highlights during the development process.





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