Patent Announcement- Wireless Charging Pocket

In our case, it has been a long wait since 2017, when we invented the Wireless Charging Pocket and filed an international patent application. This week, in June 2022 we have finally received the patent.

This now makes it much easier for our customers to use this amazing innovation, as they no longer need to worry about whether this feature in their product could collide with other patents. Now they are completely safe and no longer need to run global patent searches.

The Wireless Charging Pocket has been used in jackets, overcoats, uniforms, handbags and backpacks, often in combination with other features like heating or illumination. In each case our customers were really excited and reported back great success stories.

We invite you to reach out to us so we can explain all details of this invention and how we have perfected it over the years.



Wireless Charging Pocket – Product Explanation VIDEO


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