Announcement on the viral destruction ability of Silverguard textiles

In the past few months, many fashion brands, mask producers and clothing manufacturers have started using our Silverguard products for a variety of innovative purposes.

· Silver pockets are being integrated in garments or handbags. They destroy bacteria and viruses on facemasks, smartphones, gloves or any other objects that are put into them.
· Silver pouches and handkerchiefs are being sold as useful fashion accessories in this pandemic.
· Facemasks are being created, which offer viral destruction.

We now have a very exciting announcement to all current and future users of Silverguard products. In cooperation with the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie (IZSVe), KC Wearable Technologies Srl. has explored the effects of silver textiles on Coronaviruses. The IZSVe is a public health authority in northern Italy, which carries out prevention, research and services in the areas of animal health and food safety.

The studies have now been concluded. The Silverguard products „Jupiter“, „Earth“ and „Vega“ were subject of this analysis, including pre-trials and final laboratory tests. The results were remarkable, in terms of both the effectiveness and the speed of viral destruction.

While all products have performed well, the woven pocketing product “Jupiter” exceeded all expectations. It caused an immediate impairment of viral reproduction and a viral destruction rate of 68% in only the first five minutes. Full destruction occurred after only 15 minutes. Most textiles with anti-viral finishings take several hours to do this kind of damage. This proves our theory that the very high pure silver content of over 20%, results in an amazing speed of viral destruction.

For further background information, we invite you to review our updated product summary. As a courtesy to the IZSVe, the full test report is being sent selectively, only to interested customers.

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