Silver textiles – Solutions in the Corona Crisis

Many clothing producers all over the world have been extremely helpful during the first months of the corona crisis. With incredible speed they have developed and produced facemasks, at a time when they were so urgently needed by the populations. In the interest of speed, many of these products were initially quite simple. Now they are becoming more functional, fashionable and sophisticated.

We have spent these last months in heavy research on the effects that silver textiles can have on different bacteria and viruses. We were excited find that they are highly effective and very safe!

We have therefore developed two exciting new products, for two different Covid-19 related applications:

1. “Earth” is a silver nonwoven product which is used as a anti-viral filtration layer, inside facemasks.
2. “Jupiter” is a silver pocketing product which is used to make sterilizing facemask pockets, in jackets, handbags, or trousers.

Both innovations consist of metallized Polyamide, with over 20% pure silver content (99,9%). This is what makes them so much more effective than textiles with anti-bacterial finishes, which render the products with less than 1% silver.
Re-usable cloth facemasks can become safer, more sustainable and more effective than their disposable nonwoven counterparts and silver pockets can keep them sterilized.



LINEAPELLE - FIERAMILANO RHO - 19-21 February 2020


Confronting Coronavirus with new ideas